Integrated Pest Management and Citrus Greening – Session #4

Integrated Pest Management and Citrus Greening – Session #4

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Training Agenda:

Biological Control -IPM – Training Course- Citrus Greening- Caribbean- October 2020 (PDF)

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Session 4 – Biological control as a Key tool for IPM in citrus 

Video Recording: Session 4 -Biological control as a Key tool for IPM in citrus

The video below is a continuous recording of the training programme:

International Year of Plant Health Video (0:02:20)

Fundecitrus and citrus sustainability – Dr. Geraldo J. Silva Junior (FUNDECITRUS) (0:08:34)

HLB management- Dr. Renato Beozzo Bassanezi ( FUNDECITRUS) (0:53:02)

Psyllid Alert System – MSc. Guilherme Rodriguez ( FUNDECITRUS) (1:37:52)

Psyllid management – Dr. Marcelo Pedreira de Miranda (FUNDECITRUS) (2:10:32)

Closing Remarks (2:55:11)

Presentations from Session 4:

1. Fundecitrus and citrus sustentability  – Dr. Geraldo J. Silva Junior (FUNDECITRUS) (PDF)

2. HLB Management – Dr. Renato Beozzo  Bassanezi ( FUNDECITRUS) (PDF)

3. Psyllid Alert System -MSc. Guilherme Rodriguez ( FUNDECITRUS) (PDF)

4. Diaphorina citri Management – Dr. Marcelo Pedreira de Miranda (FUNDECITRUS) (PDF)

Skill Level Intermediate