Integrated Pest Management and Citrus Greening – Session #1

Integrated Pest Management and Citrus Greening – Session #1

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This training looks at Biological Control as part of the sustainable pest management strategies for Citrus Greening and spans four (4) sessions in the month of October 2020.

Training Agenda:

Biological Control -IPM – Training Course- Citrus Greening- Caribbean- October 2020 (PDF)

Session 1 – Biological control as a Key tool for IPM in citrus 

Video Recording: Session 1 -Biological control as a Key tool for IPM in citrus

The video below is a continuous recording of the training programme:

International Year of Plant Health Video (0:00:08)

Welcoming words – Dr. Harriet Hinz –  Regional Director‐ CABI  Americas (0:06:02)

Introduction to the training course & Review of Impact of Citrus Greening – Dr. Yelitza Colmenarez  (CABI)  (0:17:13)

Implementation of Biological control  in the Caribbean as a key tool for  invasive species management:  Potential and challenges – Dr. Yelitza Colmenarez  (CABI)  (0:41:30)

Micro‐biological control and its use  in the Caribbean – Dr. Eduardo Hidalgo  (CABI) (1:20:19)

Status of the management of Citrus  Greening in the Caribbean –  Dominica case study – Msc. Nelson Laville‐  Dominica Ministry of  Agriculture (2:14:42)

Biological control programs in the  Caribbean and its importance in  sustainable production – Dr. Yelitza Colmenarez  (CABI) (2:42:06)

Final Remarks – All (3:03:51)

Presentations from Session 1 :

1. Introduction to the training course & Review of Impact of Citrus Greening – Dr. Yelitza Colmenarez (CABI) (PDF)

2. Biological control & Management of Invasive Species – Dr. Yelitza Colmenarez (CABI) (PDF)

3. Micro‐biological control and its use  in the Caribbean – Dr. Eduardo Hidalgo (PDF)

4. Status of the management of Citrus  Greening in the Caribbean –  Dominica case study – Msc. Nelson Laville (Dominica Ministry of  Agriculture) (PDF)

5. Biological Control Programmes in the Caribbean – Dr. Yelitza Colmenarez (CABI) (PDF)  

Skill Level Intermediate
3h 21m 18s