Environmental Impact

Invasive plants and animals have a devastating impact by outcompeting native species for habitat space and food source.

Economic Impact

Environmental destruction comes at a price. IAS-induced destruction of biodiversity compromises two critical economic sectors in all Caribbean countries, agriculture and tourism

Social Impact

Invasive Alien Species also leads to adverse health impacts with heavy costs to society. Outbreaks can restrict travel from and to affected areas

Invasive Alien Species

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About Caribbean Invasives.org

We are scientists; national; regional and international organisations in a collaborative effort to address the issue of Invasive Alien Species (IAS) in the Caribbean.

  • Perhaps as many as 10% of the world’s 300,000 woody plants, have the potential to invade other ecosystems
  • Ecosystems that support fertile soils, water and clean air and provide the base for services and industries, such as, farming etc.; all essential for human life and livelihoods, are vulnerable to the multiplicity of pathways for IAS introduction.


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Invasive Alien Species

Major Threats to the Caribbean

Invasive Alien Species

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