Declare, Deposit, or Pay – What you need to know

It’s estimated that over the past fifty years, invasive species have cost $1.288 trillion. Invasive alien species (IAS) are organisms that negatively impact human health, threaten biodiversity in terrestrial, marine and freshwater ecosystems and disrupt agriculture and trade.

The Declare, Deposit of Pay campaign is a six-month pilot campaign that is being implemented at sea and airports from July to December 2022. It is being implemented under the project titled ‘’Preventing the Costs of Invasive Alien Species (IAS) in Barbados and the OECS’’ and will focus on air and seaports in Barbados and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).

The aim of this campaign is to safeguard Caribbean biodiversity while protecting people and their livelihoods from invasive alien species. It was created to raise awareness and understanding of IAS and the consequences of unintentionally or deliberately transporting them. This is to gain the support of travellers in implementing good travelling practices. Declaring such items upon arrival, and then disposing of them in designated biosecure bins would help to increase biosecurity. Another form of prevention that will be conveyed to travellers is to leave at home all items that may pose a biosecurity risk.

Using various media, key messages will be communicated to travelling persons about their responsibility to ensure that IAS is not introduced into the region. The transportation of undeclared plant material is illegal and there is a summary conviction fine due to the devastating effects of IAS on the national economy and livelihood as well as Caribbean biodiversity.

Guidelines with various elements will be considered, coordinated, and communicated to achieve success. Additionally, feedback will provide information to further improve and refine subsequent campaign launches. Communication products will be shared with participating countries that can be modified to suit the requirements of the countries.

High-risk items that pose a biosecurity risk are flowers, grains, honey, dairy products, seeds, meat, eggs, fruits, and vegetables. Uneaten sandwiches, fruit and salads must not be packed in your luggage or taken aboard vessels or planes; they must be disposed of in provided biosecure bins. Not declaring these items, puts many sectors, livelihoods, and health at risk.

Declare, Deposit or Pay!

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