Integrated Pest Management and Citrus Greening – Session #2

Integrated Pest Management and Citrus Greening – Session #2

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Training Agenda:

Biological Control -IPM – Training Course- Citrus Greening- Caribbean- October 2020 (PDF)

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Session 2 – Biological control as a Key tool for IPM in citrus 

Video Recording: Session 2 -Biological control as a Key tool for IPM in citrus

The video below is a continuous recording of the training programme:

Introduction to Session #2 – Msc. Michael James (MAFS-Barbados) (0:00:00)

International Year of Plant Health Video (0:03:31)

What is biological control? and types of biological control with macros. – Dr. Aloisio Coelho/Prof. Dr. Parra (USP‐ESALQ)  (0:08:28)

Importance of insect breeding for biological control programs & Biological Control success case in  Brazil (macro)  – Dr. Aloisio Coelho/Prof. Dr. Parra (USP‐ESALQ) (0:47:20)

The history of BC in Brazil, the importance of a scientific society,  graduation courses and technology transference – Dr. Aloisio Coelho/Prof.  Dr. Parra (USP‐ESALQ) (1:47:12)

How to rear Anagasta kuhniella and Trichogramma spp./ SPARCBio – Dr. Aloisio Coelho/Prof.  Dr. Parra (USP‐ESALQ) (2:13:28)

Citrus Greening Management in Jamaica – Mrs. Michelle Sherwood (R&D Division MoA) (2:44:22)

Final Remarks – All (3:22:50)

Skill Level Intermediate
3h 33m 27s
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Presentations from Session 2:

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