Biodiversity loss over the last 20 years

Since the 1970s, there has been a rapid decline in biodiversities such as amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, and amphibians. Biodiversity is the various plants, animals, microorganisms like bacteria, and fungi in the world. These species coexist in healthy ecosystems and support life. The crucial balance of biodiversity in ecosystems ensures human, animal, and plant health. Biodiversity is essential for survival as these elements of nature provide shelter, clean water, medicine, and food.

Over 64% of global extinctions occur on islands. There are critically endangered species, amounting to 45% of island species lost due to invasive alien species (IAS). Invasive species have been estimated to have caused US $1.4 trillion in global damage. In the past twenty years, IAS has been responsible for the 39% of animal extinctions, primarily on diverse islands.

Globally, 67% of birds that inhabit oceanic islands are threatened with extinction. The islands are home to 15% of reptile, plant, and bird species, with 67% of marine endemics (i.e., species distinctive to a particular geographic location) in the surrounding oceans. This year for International Day for Biological Diversity the theme was ‘building a shared future for all life’’. It was celebrated to highlight efforts made to curve biodiversity loss.

Biodiversity is in decline not just because of invasive alien species but also climate change, human activities, and globalization. Many countries are working to prevent biodiversity loss through sustainable agricultural development, food security, and other ecosystem services. A form of protection of biodiversity is the use of biosecurity. Biosecurity recommendations are being made across the region and around the world to further protect biodiversity. Learn more about this from our policy brief ‘Improving Biosecurity will Safeguard our Health, Economy, and Irreplaceable Biodiversity.’

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