IAS Threats – Invasive Plants

Invasive alien species (IAS) are non-native species that pose a threat to our ecosystems. Non-native invasive plant species can be detrimental to our environment. Learning to identify and control invasive species in your area or garden can prevent the IAS from spreading and shifting the balance of natural ecosystems. 

The Caribbean is considered one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots where there is a significant reservoir of marine and terrestrial biodiversity. Twenty years ago, the global damage from IAS was 5% of the global GDP or $1.4 trillion dollars per year. CABI created the Invasive Species Compendium which is an open-access reference work, designed to support the work of everyone faced with the management, identification, and prevention of invasive species globally.  

One of the most common invasive garden plants is the Coral creeper (Antigonon leptopus) that has been known to displace many plants in the Caribbean. It is a perennial vine that has been used as an ornamental plant in the past. It is currently in the Global Compendium of Weed as it is an aggressive weed in tropical ecosystems. Read more about the Antigonon leptopus and other invasive species in our policy brief titled ‘ Improving Biosecurity will Safeguard our Health, Economy, and Irreplaceable Biodiversity’.

It is currently being implemented in the face of invasive alien species. It can be used to cover zoonoses, the introduction of animal and plant diseases and pests along with the introduction and management of (IAS) Invasive Alien Species. 

Biosecurity is the answer to protecting global biodiversity. Strengthening local authorities with the necessary staff, tools, and infrastructure in addition to creating the right framework for forming risk assessments to identify, prevent and manage IAS, that will help to bring awareness to IAS in evolutionary isolated systems such as the Caribbean islands. 


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