The Devilweed Problem

The Chromolaena odorata also known as ‘Devilweed’ is an invasive plant species that can produce up to 1000 seeds per year upon maturity. According to Dr. Arne Witt, CABI Regional Co-ordinator, the ‘green invasion’ can negatively affect biodiversity, livestock, and local communities.

‘Devilweed’ nicknamed the ‘green invasion’ blooms prettily with attractive flowers, which makes it appealing as an ornamental plant. However, the high reproductivity of this plant, makes it adaptable and easily spread. Native plant species are outcompeted, which leaves livestock without resources or food.

To manage the devilweed, biological control methods, i.e. insects are being considered to control the spread of the plant.

Learn more about Devilweed in the video from BBC Earth, where CABI’s Dr. Arne Witt talks about the negative impact of Devilweed and biological methods of control.

CABI  – Devilweed: the ‘green invasion’ that’s destroying biodiversity and livelihoods