Plant Health Applications – CABI’S Pest Diagnostic Simulator

The simulation application created by CABI ‘Pest Diagnostic Simulator’ is a simulation-based learning tool that has been used in healthcare, aviation, and in military industries. It allows users to test their plant pest and disease investigation skills. This can be done through multiple scenarios, gameplay, and real-time feedback.  

This application is a part of a global programme (Plantwise) led by CABI, which aims to contribute to food security by reducing crop losses. It is used by 252 plant doctors at 163 plant clinics in 9 countries. The application can deliver information, collect data, send messages to farmers, and is a network of experts and plant doctors who improve its diagnostic capacity. 

The simulator teaches the basic concept of plant protection and prevention, providing users with knowledge and ideas in a controlled setting. These skills can be applied in agriculture to build professional skills. Anyone using the application can help to diagnose common plant health problems using the unique 3D simulated scenarios. 

Presently, Plantwise and its applications have improved plant health management globally for over 31 million smallholder farmers. Regionally, many farmers are being encouraged to use CABI programmes like plantwise in order to prevent crop loss and improve food security.  

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