Nest Predation Study led by Dr. Kerry M. Dore and her team

In an effort to understand green monkeys impact on biodiversity in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, Dr. Kerry M. Dore and her team did a year-long nest predation study in the rainforests of Mt. Liamuiga and Nevis Peak. Using real quail eggs, 188 nests with camera traps were placed every 100m along transects in each of the forests four times over a calendar year. Of these 188 nests, monkeys destroyed or consumed only three.

In many instances, the monkeys investigated the eggs and then left them alone. On the contrary, rats and mongoose consumed 102 of the 188 nests or 54% of the nests! These important results indicate that these two invasive alien species – rats and mongoose – present significant threats to the Federation’s bird population and that efforts to control their population growth in the forests is needed.

Check out our video links to see the results of this study!

Vid 1 – A video of a green monkey approaching quail eggs.

Vid 2 – A video of a mongoose taking one of the quail eggs.

Vid 3 – A video of a rat eating a quail egg.