Food Consumption: Contributing to the reduction of an IAS – 8 Dishes feat. Lionfish

Marine life all over the Caribbean has suffered greatly due to the lionfish. The lionfish is an invasive species that propagate an estimated 2 million eggs per year. They consume over 50 types of fish species in the region which include grouper and snapper fishes. Coastal villages that depend on marine life for livelihood suffer due to this invasive species. It is not only dangerous to fishes, but poses a threat to divers, fishermen, and swimmers because of its venomous sting.

Lionfish, while venomous can still be eaten and most Caribbean islands have taken up the challenge to do this. Locals have created varying techniques in which to cook this invasive fish as part of the lionfish campaign across the region.

Here are 8 dishes featuring the Lionfish.

  1. Lionfish Tacos

2. Lionfish and Chips

3. Lionfish Ceviche

4. Coconut lionfish curry

5. Breaded and fried lionfish

6. Chermoula lionfish

7. BBQ Lionfish with Orange and Almond Slaw

8. Lionfish Romesco stew

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