Saint Lucia National Invasive Species Strategy

Saint Lucia as a Small Island Developing State is not exempted from the negative impacts of IAS as illustrated by the efforts to eradicate the Hibiscus Pink Mealy Bug, African Giant Snail, the non native Green Iguana, and Black Sigatoka (Mycosphaerella fijiensis).

Saint Lucia also recognizes that IAS threats are encountered in the marine environment as we observe the rapid spread of the Pacific Lionfish throughout the Caribbean region. The destructive biological, social and economic impact of IAS has prompted many nations to develop and implement National Invasive Species Strategies (NISS), because in dealing with IAS the best defense is a good offense.

Once an IAS becomes established, the cost of eradication is financially prohibitive and a strain on a small island fragile economy like Saint Lucia which is heavily dependent on the health of its natural resources. Therefore efforts at prohibiting entry in the first instance are a prudent and cost effective approach to IAS management.