Using Biological Control: Establishing parthenium leaf beetle (Zygogramma bicolorata) at new sites in Pakistan

Source: CABI Invasives Blog

Parthenium weed (Parthenium hysterophorus) is an aggressive herbaceous plant native to north-east Mexico and is endemic in America, with no economic importance reported. This invasive weed has spread to over 50 countries, including Pakistan. Parthenium is prolific, yielding thousands of small white flowers each forming five seeds and on reaching maturity results in a huge number of viable seeds on dispersal.

Under its unique global programme, Action on Invasives, funded by UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and the Netherlands Directorate General for International Cooperation (DGIS), CABI in Pakistan is targeting this invasive weed, using proven successful biological control agents, some of which are already present in Pakistan and imported natural enemies. Action on Invasives champions an environmentally sustainable, cross-sectoral and regional approach to dealing with invasive species.

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