Caribbean Experts to Meet to Discuss Coastal and Marine Pollution – June 10th-13th 2014

 New Picture (5) Over thirty scientific and technical experts from the Wider Caribbean Region will meet in Managua, Nicaragua from June 10th-13th to discuss current and emerging pollution issues for the Wider Caribbean Region.

This meeting of the Second Scientific Technical and Advisory Committee (2nd STAC) for the Protocol concerning Pollution from Land-based Sources and Activities (LBS Protocol) is being organized by the Secretariat to the Cartagena Convention for the Protection and Development of the Caribbean Sea based in Kingston, Jamaica, with financial support from the GEF-funded Caribbean Regional Fund for Wastewater Management Project (CReW). It will review the achievements of the pollution sub-programme of UNEP’s Caribbean Environment Programme for 2013-2014 and discuss the draft workplan and budget for the 2015-2016 biennium.

Read more: UNEP CEP Second LBS STAC Press Release (DOC)