Alifano, Aurora, R. Griffiths and W Jolley. 2012. Final Operational Report for the Removal of Introduced House Mice from Allen Cay, Exuma Islands, Bahamas. Island Conservation.

allencay operational

In May 2012, the Bahamas National Trust (BNT) together with Island Conservation (IC) undertook the removal of introduced House Mice (Mus musculus) from Allen Cay, Exuma Islands, Bahamas. The removal of mice was a necessary step in the restoration of the native environment of the cay, which is an important breeding and nesting site for Audubon’s shearwater (Puffinus lherminieri) and the endemic Allen Cay Rock Iguana (Cyclura cychlura inornata).
Rodent bait containing brodifacoum was successfully applied to the 6 ha cay by hand broadcast. Monitoring efforts during the operation found no evidence of non-target mortality over 15 days following the initial application of bait. The removal of mice as a food source is expected to limit the presence of owls on Allen Cay, and subsequently reduce current levels of shearwater mortality attributed to owl predation. Observations of shearwater census plots and monitoring of banded individuals, indicating population changes and survivorship will provide a measure of these outcomes at Allen Cay. Allen Cay rock iguanas will be relocated to the cay after the operation has been confirmed successful and monitoring of the iguana population will continue.

Read more: Alifano, Aurora et al (Island Conservation) – 2012 – Allen Cay Post Eradication Operations Report (PDF)