Discovery Club National Youth Month – Invasive Species PSA/JINGLE Competition Winners

Discovery Club is an exciting program for young members of The Bahamas National Trust. Since it began in 1995, it immediately became very popular. Club members participate in a fun and rewarding journey and discover the beauty, uniqueness and fragile nature of The Bahamas. The importance of volunteering is emphasized and a wide array of opportunities makes this a fun part of Discovery’s Club program. Members also acquire a better understanding of the responsibilities and programs of the Bahamas National Trust.

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Discovery Club recently hosted a competition for its young members to create and submit a 60 second Public Service Announcement (PSA) to increase awareness of any of the following:

– Identification of invasive species that exist on your island.
– Threats posed by invasive plants.
– Encouraging the public to take action to preserve natives and reduce the number of invasives.

Read more on the competition: PSA-Jingle competition (PDF)

The competition ended on Fri 26th October, 2013 and below are the winners and honourable mentions:


1st place – Nicholl’s Town Primary

2nd place – Friends of the Environment

3rd place – Albury Sayle Primary’s Muimi McClure

Honourable Mentions

· Fresh Creek Primary’s Malaika

· Crossing Rocks Primary

Check out some submissions below:

IMG_1787 (MOV file)