World Wetlands Day 2013 Report – Wetlands and Water Management

The Black River Lower Morass in St. Elizabeth- Jamaica, is the site of the largest recognized freshwater wetland in the English –speaking Caribbean. The NEPA/GEF/CABI Mitigating the Threat of Invasive Alien Species in the Insular Caribbean Project (MTIASIC)is actively involved in the Black River Lower Morass. This is in keeping with the Goals and objectives of the Project which is to broaden the approach to dealing with invasive species while observing globally important eco-systems. This site is of significance to the economic and social life of the Parish of St. Elizabeth as freshwater species such as shrimp and crayfish provide a livelihood for citizens. The presence of important forests stands are critical to the preservation of these wetlands hence the need for effective methods of invasive species control.

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