Our Bahamas, Our Native Plants

Bahamas Native Plants

Bahamas Native Plants

Have you ever heard of Gumbo Limbo, Horseflesh or Strong Back? What about Gale of Wind, Goat’s Foot or Sea Oxeye? These are some of the many native plants found in The Bahamas.

Native plants grow naturally in our pine and coppice forests, wetlands and on beaches. These are the plants that Christopher Columbus saw, when he first arrived here in 1492. Native plants are adapted to survive in our environment – they do not need a lot of water or fertilizers to grow and survive. Some examples include Caribbean pine, black mangrove, dildo cactus, mahogany, sea grape, gum elemi and lignum vitae – our national tree.

Can you think of other native plants?

See brochure here: Native Plant Article (PDF)