The Technical Working Group on Palm Pests

TWG Palm PestsAt the first meeting of the Plant Health Directors’ Meeting held  April 23-25, 2008 at the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat (CCS) Headquarters, Georgetown, Guyana, it was agreed to form several Technical Working Groups (TWGs). One such group was the Palm Pest Complex Group which held its first meeting in Trinidad, January 12-13, 2009. The TWG on Palm Pests held its second meeting on July 29 2010 at The Gran Courland Hotel, Tobago. The third meeting was held on July 19th 2012 at the Ministry of Food Production, Research Division, Central Experiment Station, Centeno, Trinidad. At the 3rd Caribbean Plant Health Directors’ Meeting held in Guyana, 4-5 March 2009, it was agreed to revise the name from The Palm Pest Complex Group to the Technical Working Group (TWG) on Palm Pests. The TWG on Red Palm Mite was subsequently subsumed into this TWG on Palm Pests.

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