Saint Lucia: Communications, Education, Public Awareness Strategy

NISS CEPA - ChaseChase, V (2010). Communications, Education, Public Awareness Strategy. Consultancy reports under the project “Mitigating the Threats of Invasive Alien Species in the Insular Caribbean”, Project No. GFL / 2328 – 2713-4A86, GF-1030-09-03, pp. 34.

The presentation by Chase illustrates the CEPA’s role in providing the from science and ecology to people’s social and economic reality. It deals with the processes that motivate and mobilize individual and collective action. It comprises a range of social instruments including information exchange, dialogue, education, and marketing. The CEPA will be a tool to effectively engage and manage multi-stakeholder dialogue to plan and implement the National Invasive Species Strategy (NISS).


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