Saint Lucia: NISS Aquatic Ecosystems

Aquatic SpeciesFelix, M.-L. (2010) Aquatic Ecosystems. Consultancy reports under the project “Mitigating the Threats of Invasive Alien Species in the Insular Caribbean”, Project No. GFL / 2328 – 2713-4A86, GF-1030-09-03, pp. 56.
This report assesses the capacity of Saint Lucia to manage invasive alien species in aquatic ecosystems. It reviews the presence of terrestrial IAS in St. Lucia, as well as the potential of new species to arrive and threaten aquatic biodiversity in the country. Various agencies (Government, non-Government, community-based, donor and volunteer) are either mandated or permitted to contribute to the monitoring of IAS and their impacts. National and regional policies, legislative, regulatory and institutional frameworks that facilitate management and control of IAS are reviewed. Legislative, informational and institutional gaps, inadequacies and conflicts that serve as barriers to effective control of aquatic IAS in Saint Lucia are identified.

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