Saint Lucia: Communications, Education, Public Awareness Strategy and Actions

CEPA 2010Felix, M.-L. (2010) Communications, Education, Public Awareness Strategy and Actions. Consultancy reports under the project “Mitigating the Threats of Invasive Alien Species in the Insular Caribbean”, Project No. GFL / 2328 – 2713-4A86, GF-1030-09-03, pp. 49.
The report by Felix will reviews the policies, laws and institutional frameworks in place with regards to raising awareness on IAS, and all existing materials in circulation on invasive species, including their management and control. The report also identifies areas, based on current situation of IAS in Saint Lucia, which will enable improved public response to the call for positive action and participation in proposed national strategies and action plans. It then develops development of a target driven, people-centered CEPA Strategy and Action Plan, which is forecast to generate an awareness of IAS in at least 70% of the general population and in at least 90% of the public who work in agriculture, trade / customs, health, and fisheries and those living in the vicinity of recent invasions, eradications and or where impact mitigation efforts are ongoing.

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