National (Saint Lucia) Invasive Species Strategy Consultation: summary of conclusion and recommendations

 In June 2010, the Government of Saint Lucia embarked on the preparation of a National Invasive Species Strategy (NISS). To minimize the harmful effects of invasive species on the environment, economy and society through coordination of efforts at all levels of Saint Lucian society; and facilitate cooperation within the Caribbean region to prevent the movement of invasive species. The NISS will also inform coherent policies, legislation, regulation and management of invasive species in Saint Lucia. Additionally, it will provide a communications strategy that will help raise public awareness so that all sectors of Saint Lucian society actively support efforts to minimise the risk and impact of invasives on Saint Lucia. The purpose of these consultations was to solicit information and guidance for the formulation of the NISS. The consultations also sought to identify/confirm: The Challenges and Constraints to Invasive Species Management; Strategic responses to address the challenges and constraints to the problem of invasive species in Saint Lucia; and Roles and responsibilities of each of the agencies which are presently involved in or potentially can impact on or be impacted by Invasive Species. The consultations were facilitated by two of the consultants and assisted by the Project Director and Project Coordinator.

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