Outline of the Mitigating the Threat of Invasive Alien Species in the Insular Caribbean (MTIASIC) Project Lionfish Pilot Project

The lionfish was first reported to be found off the east coast of the United States in the mid 1990s, by the summer of 2001, it was found along the Atlantic Coast of the United States from Florida to Long Island, New York. Currently the lionfish has invaded the Caribbean and is abundant in The Bahamas. It is strongly believed that the Bahamas is the source Jamaica’s invasion. The first sighting of the red Lionfish (Pterois miles) in Jamaica was officially documented and confirmed by members of the Ecosystems Management Branch of the National Environment & Planning Agency (NEPA) in April 2008 at a dive site called The Plains located at Franklin D. Resort in Runaway Bay St. Ann. There have been unofficial reports of sighting in eastern parishes (Portland and St. Thomas) from as early as 2 years prior (2006), however no details of location or pictures could be provided to corroborate these claims. The Lionfish has since spread around the entire island and is thought to be currently undergoing a population explosion.

See Document: Outline of the National Lionfish Pilot