Saint Lucia IAS Project Profile

In Saint Lucia the project seeks to develop a National Invasive Species Strategy that will provide a guide to comprehensively address the issue of IAS in terrestrial, fresh water and marine eco-systems. Similarly Saint Lucia is actively participating in the activities to develop a Regional Invasive Species Strategy. The project will also engage in a range of activities to raise awareness of the issue of IAS and their impacts in Saint Lucia. The project sees to protect the endemic and endangered Saint Lucia whiptail lizard. It will also protect the Maria Islands endemic reptile populations from further threat posed by the introduction of IAS such as rats. The project will also seek to eradicate the invasive alien green iguana from the South West Saint Lucia. When completed Saint Lucia will have a comprehensive strategy for addressing the issue of IAS as well as protected its endemic endangered biodiversity.

St. Lucia IAS Project Profile: St. Lucia IAS Strategy