Trinidad and Tobago IAS Project Profile (MTIASIC)

 In Trinidad and Tobago through the implementation of this project the country aims to broaden its approach to dealing with IAS, by strengthening existing national measures and fostering regional cooperation frameworks.  Along with participation in the development of national and regional strategies, Trinidad and Tobago will also address three of its most pressing IAS problems (Perna virdis (Green Mussel), Red Palm Mite, Frosty Pod Rot) through pilot projects; relating to prevention, management and eradication. In the three (3) pilots there is a strong emphasis on capacity building among all stakeholder groups (public and private sector), as well as increasing awareness of IAS issues among the general public.  Additionally, the pilots are designed so that their findings and lessons learned will be readily applicable to other sites, including other Caribbean states, enabling replication of the methodologies.

Trinidad and Tobago IAS Project Profile: Trinidad and Tobago IAS Project Profile MTIASIC